Member Testimonials

“LUGPA membership has provided me with insights to improve my practice, so that I can provide the best possible care for my patients.  In addition, LUGPA, through its member advocacy on critical healthcare issues, has fought for my practice to be able to remain independent.”



Dr. Ghasoub “Gus” Harb
Urology Associates, PC
Davenport, IA


“This group’s participation in LUGPA has directly contributed to the improvement and expansion of our practice.  The pertinent urology industry data that the Association shares with its members helps us to understand the latest developments within the urology industry and helps our members understand how it affects our independent practice.

“The benefit of LUGPA’s established political advocacy voice is immeasurable.  We would never be able to obtain the enormity of support LUGPA provides our practice and the entire urology industry. The leaders of LUGPA demonstrate dedication and passion for the independent urology practice industry at an astonishing level.  They are truly committed to the advancement of the urology specialty.”



Twila Puritty
Wichita Urology Group
Wichita. KS


“For Greater Boston Urology, the power of LUGPA lies in the power of networking.  Be it a financial, legislative, or clinical issue, I know there is a network of groups and doctors like us who are either struggling through the same problem or often have discovered the solution to that problem.  Currently, I can pick up my phone and text or email one of about 20 other doctors who will respond to me, sometimes in minutes, with help in solving the myriad of problems we all face on a daily basis.  This type of collegiality is unfortunately hard to find in medicine, but LUGPA has managed to bring it back into vogue for those of us who are members.”



Michael J. Curran, MD, CEO
Greater Boston Urology, LLC
Dedham, MA

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