LUGPA’s Executive Leadership Program   


Enhance your personal leadership skills
and amplify your ability to lead others.

LUGPA’s Executive Leadership Program is a 12-month comprehensive leadership development course designed specifically for independent urology group physicians and administrators.  

The program will dive deep into communications, finance, team-building, motivation, negotiations, conflict resolution, quality improvement, decision-making, and more.

The small cohort of students will work together throughout the year, networking in a collegial atmosphere. Both physicians and administrators are eligible to apply for the program.


AAPL Partnership

LUGPA is proud to work with American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) to provide this program. The AAPL has provided physicians with the knowledge and skills required to become better leaders for over 40 years.  Training more than 1000 physicians each year, the AAPL’s goal is to maximize the potential of physician leadership. When physicians exhibit consistent leadership skills, they can transform their teams and organizations. That transformation benefits patient outcomes and improves the state of the healthcare industry as a whole. 


Who Should Apply?  

The program is designed for urology physicians or administrators 5-15 years out of training who are members of a LUGPA group. Currently, advanced practice providers (APPs) and other staff are not eligible. Individuals who strive to improve their leadership abilities and business acumen to rise to new heights in their practice or the urological community as a whole will find this experience valuable.   

Kickoff and Leadership Self-Assessment


After participating in a kick-off orientation, the cohort will embark on a self-evaluation using the CPI 260 Leadership Assessment tool. The CPI 260 interprets how others perceive respondents as a leader and has been customized to map competencies specific to physician leaders. This instrument contains 260 items carefully selected from the California Psychological Inventory assessment to identify an individual’s strengths and areas for development. After an individual learns more about their personal leadership style, they will begin online courses that will help them build skills that will make them a more well-rounded leader. 

Online Courses Will Cover:


Fundamentals of Physician Leadership: Communication

  • Interpret non-verbal cues and word use that can communicate intent.
  • Determine personal communication style and personality type.
  • Develop strategies for building relationships and working with others.
  • Understand the four communication styles based on the DiSC psychometric assessment.

Fundamentals of Physician Leadership: Finance

  • Define and apply basic concepts of finance.
  • Understand the four types of accounting.
  • Analyze fiscal reports to evaluate organizational performance.
  • Apply financial principles to make informed decisions.

Fundamentals of Physician Leadership: Negotiation

  • Identify core values which guide leadership styles and decision making.
  • Discover current leadership level and potential personal impact.
  • Develop strategies to maximize productivity of teams and individuals.

Fundamentals of Physician Leadership: Quality

  • Assess the impact of financial and quality disruptors driving a consumer-centric health care system.
  • Examine the elements of quality improvement theories and frameworks.
  • Understand how the history of quality and safety have impacted current health reform.
  • Identify the components needed to develop a culture of training.

Fundamentals of Physician Leadership: Influence

  • Identify core values which guide leadership styles and decision making.
  • Discover current leadership level and potential personal impact.
  • Explore processes for leading a team, tribe and organization.
  • Develop strategies to maximize productivity of teams and individuals.

CLICK HERE to read about the 2023 class of the Executive Leadership Program

Applied Leadership – Participant Chosen Courses 

After completion of fundamentals, participants will work on advanced leadership techniques  by selecting elective course to fit their needs. Topics include: DISC assessment, dyad leadership, managing strategic change, managing physician performance, dealing with disruptive physicians, group dynamics, motivating others, organizational politics, conflict resolution, HR administration, and payer contracting.

Participants will apply what they have learned by completing a final project that either highlights their personal growth, demonstrates a practical, implementable solution for a group practice, or showcases an advancement that benefits patients, the medical field or independent physicians in some way. 



Cohort members will be recognized at the LUGPA Annual Meeting in November. 

Selection Criteria, Application, and Pricing Information

  1. Must be part of a LUGPA group for the duration of the course period.
  2. Must be a physician or administrator.  Currently, APPs and other staff are not eligible.
  3. In practice or working as an administrator in a medical practice for at least 2 years
  4. Fluent in English
  5. Computer literacy to include MS Office programs and Internet search capacity
  6. Demonstrate through submission of a personal essay, the motivation to participate and usefulness of the training to the applicant
  7. Submission of a letter from the applicant’s group practice, supporting the candidate and assuming financial responsibility if the individual does not complete the course of study.
  8. Commitment to complete the 12-month course of study.

"LUGPA's Executive Leadership
Program exposed me to
concepts that weren't
well-taught in residency."
Michael H. Johnson, MD


TO APPLY:  The deadline to apply ended on August 15, 2023.  Personal essays and a letter from the applicant’s group practice must be sent to [email protected] via email. Please note that due to the anticipated volume of applicants and an intensive review by the selection committee, materials received after deadline will not be considered under any circumstances

Applicants meeting these criteria will be considered for one of five opportunities to participate in the LUGPA Executive Leadership Program. The candidate must have an interest in developing these skills to serve their practices and LUGPA as future volunteer leaders and committee members.

Final selection will be made by the LUGPA Board of Directors, based on recommendations from the selection committee. Selection will be based on the total number of applicants, and diversity of applicants (age, gender, geographic location of group practice, practice size, urological area of specialization if applicable).

There is no cost to participate in the LUGPA Executive Leadership Program, so long as the individual completes the course of study.