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In 2008, physician leaders of urology practices established the Large Urology Group Practice Association (LUGPA), a nonprofit urology trade association, to enhance communication among urology groups, promote quality clinical outcomes, and improve legislative and regulatory advocacy. LUGPA aims to preserve and advance the independent practice of urology and to supply integrated urology practices the support and resources necessary to provide efficient, cost-effective, and clinically superior care for patients.

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LUGPA Leaders Convene Panel to Optimize Role of ADT in Advanced Prostate Cancer
LUGPA is pleased to announce the publication of "Optimizing the Role of Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Advanced Prostate Cancer: Challenges Beyond the Guidelines" in The Prostate (Prostate. 2020 Mar 4. doi: 10.1002/pros.23967), Neal D. Shore, MD, et al. Dr. Shore, Past President of LUGPA (2016-2018), led a 14- member expert panel of LUGPA and Academic urologists and medical oncologists, which discussed key questions on the use of ADT in clinical practice – addressing questions that are not always answered by prior published guidelines.

New Survey Finds 91% of Americans Want Healthcare Price Transparency
April 1, 2020
LUGPA released the results of a new survey of American consumers that found an overwhelming majority of Americans support price transparency in healthcare. When surveyed, 91% of the 1,342 respondents said they believe hospitals and healthcare facilities should be required to publicly disclose the costs of their services. What’s more, 66% of respondents believe price transparency will improve healthcare.

LUGPA Reappoints Three Members to Board of Directors
November 8, 2019
LUGPA announced today the reappointment of three members to the 2020 Board of Directors at the 2019 Annual Meeting held November 7-9 in Chicago.

E. Scot Davis is Elected to LUGPA Board of Directors

November 8, 2019
E. Scot Davis, CEO of Arkansas Urology, was elected to LUGPA’s Board of Directors at the 2019 Annual Meeting held on November 7-9 in Chicago. 

CMS Proposed Rule on Bundled Payment for Radiation Therapy Services

July 16, 2019

Recent Coverage:

Appeals Court Delivers Win for HHS' Site-Neutral Payment Policy
Angie Stewart, Becker’s ASC Review 
July 20, 2020 
The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled July 17 that HHS was within its rights to reduce payments to hospital outpatient departments, reversing a district court's earlier decision. Richard Harris, MD, the president of LUGPA, an organization advocating on behalf of independent physicians, shared the following statement on the appellate court's decision: "For too long, independent physicians were forced to stand up to the consolidation and market monopolization of large healthcare systems aided by an unfair reimbursement system that paid hospital outpatient departments as much as twice for the same service as independent physicians. With today's decision, the DC Circuit has supported CMS' authority to adjust payments under the OPPS system in response to perceived reimbursement dynamics that unnecessarily increase volume of service."

Court Victory for Independent Medicine in Fight for Site-Neutral Payments 
July 17, 2020 
Today, the court has unanimously reversed a district court decision that had determined the rate change in the 2019 OPPS was outside of HHS authority. While the hospital plaintiffs may file an appeal, today’s decision is a big win for independent practices that provide services to Medicare patients to level the playing field.

June 19, 2020 
Pandemic Exacts Economic Toll on Urology Practices
COVID-19 caused a huge revenue drop for urology practices nationwide, according to LUGPA President Richard G. Harris, MD, a urologist at UroPartners in the greater Chicago, Illinois, area. “What I’m hearing is most people are functioning with about 30% to 40% capability,” Harris said. Medicine’s revenue cycle tends to lag about 2 months after practices bill for services. Urologists might not have realized the full impact of the COVID-19 monetary crisis until May or into June, according to Harris. Telemedicine is slowly ramping up at UroPartners and should help pay the bills as the practice resumes in-person appointments and elective procedures, according to Harris. “In a normal month, we have between 16,000 and 18,000 evaluation and management code submissions. Right now, the telehealth code submissions are in the 3,000 to 4,000 range. That’s double what it was a month ago,” Harris said in late April. If laws remain relaxed for telehealth use, the trend for increasing utilization will continue in urology. LUGPA is lobbying for the government to keep telehealth regulations as they have been during the pandemic, according to Harris.

June 12, 2020 
Practicing Medicine in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Doctors Adapt, Improvise
Our president, Dr. Richard Harris, spoke with Renal & Urology News about the existing and future impact of COVID-19 on his practice. The article contains his insights as well as insights from others in the industry.  

May 29, 2020
More Nuanced Approach Needed to Fight COVID-19
In an op-ed in Life Science Leader , John McManus, president and founder of The McManus Groups writes: “As the data on COVID infections and deaths are tabulated, it has become clear that a more nuanced and targeted approach is needed to protect the vulnerable and allow the rest of the country to reopen and get back to work, school, and the day-to-day activities that make life enjoyable. Protecting the elderly, particularly those in nursing homes, should be the paramount public health priority, but continued and indefinite shutdowns of schools, camps, and activities of the young are not relevant to protecting the public.”

May 24, 2020 
Mara R. Holton: Coronavirus Could Shut Down Independent Medical Practices Across Maryland and the Nation
In a Capital Gazette op-ed, LUGPA Board member Mara Holton, MD writes: “What happens to patients and our healthcare system if independent physicians are unable to weather the storm and practices across the nation close? More patients will have no choice but to pay the higher costs seen within local hospital monopolies. Consolidation and care costs will continue increasing unabatedly. Protecting patients and the future of our healthcare system means protecting independent practices. Congress and insurers must step up their support or risk losing this vital part of America’s healthcare infrastructure. The implications of independent practices closing cannot be overstated as we face this crisis and consider the healthcare landscape of the future.”

May 6, 2020 

RevCycle Intelligence has published: How COVID-19 Imperiled Physician Practices, And How to Save Them. The article quotes LUGPA President, Dr. Harris several times and shares his insights and perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on telehealth, revenue, and reimbursement for independent physicians and their practices.

May 1, 2020 
Physician groups 'struggling to survive' after COVID-19 — Will they succumb to hospital buyouts? 4 thoughts from Dr. Richard Harris
LUGPA President Richard Harris, MD, a Melrose Park, Ill.-based urology specialist, shared his thoughts with Becker's ASC Review on how independent practices will fare — and what can be done to help them survive — after the crisis subsides.

April 23, 2020 

Can Independent Practices Survive This Crisis Without Government Support? With in-office visits declining by 50 percent or more, many independent medical practices may need outside help to survive. Medical Economics interviewed LUGPA board member Mara R. Holton, MD, who has been active on the Health Policy and Political Affairs and LUGPA Forward committees.  

April 14, 2020 
From house calls to drive-thru visits, independent physicians adapt amid COVID-19 crisis. LUGPA President Dr. Harris is quoted multiple times in this ABC news article regarding the coronavirus challenges facing independent physicians. 

April 3, 2020 

Medical Economics
published an article on LUGPA's price transparency survey: American Patients Vastly Prefer Healthcare Price Transparency, According to New Survey. The article shares the findings from the survey, and includes quotes from LUGPA President Dr. Harris. Additionally, the same article also appeared in Physicians Practice.  

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