LUGPA's Actions During the COVID-19 Crisis 
Protecting Independent Urology Practice

LUGPA leaders:

We are in unprecedented times.  The COVID-19 virus pandemic has swept the nation introducing challenges for independent medicine that far surpasses anything we have ever known.  Your Board continues to monitor the situation and we are continuing to do what we do best – concentrate our efforts in DC to advocate for our independent practices.  Our legislative and regulatory team is in constant contact with our Congressional champions to make the case that independent physicians are at risk of closing their doors and should receive economic relief.  While hospitals are petitioning Congress for bailouts, we are also at the table advocating for your practices.

It is urgent that we now hear from you about the challenges that you are facing right now and in the coming days – are you furloughing employees? Closing your surgery center?  Shuttering your practice? Sending your cancer patients to the emergency room to continue their treatment? It is critical that we hear about the magnitude of issues you are facing now so that we can communicate this growing list to the members of Congress. It’s imperative they understand exactly what is at stake. 

Many organizations are issuing advice about the pandemic in this rapidly changing environment.  We encourage you to monitor communications from the CDC, the WHO, your state public health agency and other local authorities that govern healthcare in your state.  Because you are undoubtedly stretched thin, we will not be duplicating this information in your inbox. 

We will update you on business critical information.  We are considering short webinars on a variety of timely topics such as telemedicine.  We will be in touch about these programs in the coming days.  We encourage groups to share your non-proprietary ideas and resources about coping with the crisis.  

If you have questions during this time, do not hesitate to contact our office at [email protected]; we will do our best to find answers to your questions.

We hope for better times for all of us in the coming weeks. We continue to work for you tirelessly during these trying times.


Richard Harris, MD