LUGPA President Announces 2023-2024 Board of Directors at Annual Meeting

National Voice of Independent Urology Celebrates 15 Years of Progress

CHICAGO, IL, Nov. 6, 2023 – On Nov. 4, LUGPA, the national voice representing independent urology practices in the United States, concluded the three-day LUGPA 2023 Annual Meeting. This milestone event celebrated LUGPA’s 15years of commitment to advancing independent urology. During the Annual Meeting, LUGPA’s membership reelected its Board of Directors, including Evan Goldfischer, M.D., who will serve his second term as president of LUGPA. 

“I am honored to continue leading this innovative organization, which has made tremendous strides to advance independent urology through collaboration, political advocacy and innovative offerings that have helped our member practices to thrive over the past 15 years,” Dr. Goldfischer said. “As we celebrate our successes, LUGPA remains more dedicated than ever to improving our health care system and addressing the evolving challenges faced by independent urologists.”

LUGPA is also pleased to welcome new members to the Board of Directors, including:

  • David Morris, M.D.
  • Kirsten Anderson, CMPE, CPC, CASC

Dr. Morris serves as president of Urology Associates in Nashville, Tennessee, and co-director of the Advanced Therapeutics Center, which works on clinical trials focused on genitourinary oncology. He has served LUGPA as a member of its education committee, program committee and as co-chair of LUGPA Forward. Kirsten Anderson is currently chief executive officer at Oregon Urology Institute and Oregon Surgery Center. She has over 20 years of experience leading physician practices and health care organizations, specifically urology practices and surgical centers.

“For 15 years, LUGPA has been a leader in ensuring that the voices of independent urologists are heard,” said Celeste Kirschner, chief executive officer of LUGPA. “As we look towards the future of our organization, we are thrilled to have this group of talented and driven individuals leading the way to strengthen the practice of independent urology and ultimately improve our nation’s health care system.”

LUGPA’s Board of Directors will continue to include the following individuals:

  • Evan R. Goldfischer, M.D., as president
  • Scott B. Sellinger, M.D., as president-elect
  • Jonathan Henderson, M.D., as past president
  • Jeffrey Spier, M.D., as secretary
  • Dave Carpenter, as treasurer
  • Celeste Kirschner, CAE, MHSA, as chief executive officer
  • E. Scot Davis
  • David J. Ellis, M.D., FACS
  • Jason Hafron, M.D.
  • Mara R. Holton, M.D.
  • Benjamin Lowentritt, M.D.
  • Timothy Richardson, M.D.

Dr. Goldfischer has been a member of the LUGPA Board of Directors since 2014, served as president over the past year and previously served as president-elect in 2021. During his first term as president, Dr. Goldfischer set key priorities to expand LUGPA’s work in political advocacy, increase membership and reach early-career physicians.

“In 2024 and beyond, LUGPA will continue to champion key reforms to protect independent urology and improve patient care, such as promoting price transparency, site-neutrality, reforming the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and improving access to cancer screenings,” Dr. Goldfischer said. “LUGPA is dedicated to creating a health care system in which independent urologists can thrive and provide the best possible care to all patients.”