Issues and Insights: Conversations with Purpose
LUGPA’s Practice Administrators Series - 2021

Engage with practice administrators and key physician leaders in an open dialog that will share best practices and innovative solutions on timely important topics. This lunchtime 45 minute open forum with new topics each month will provide resources and practical insights for LUGPA group practices.  Visit and share your input with others to improve and add value to your practice. 

All affiliated staff in your LUGPA group are welcome to attend.  Invite those in your practice who would benefit from this program.

Session 5

July 28, 2021 12 noon CST

Staff Recruitment, Retention, and Compensation: The Pandemic’s Impact on the Workforce


Kellie Golshan, Chief Operating & Financial Officer, Genesis Healthcare Partners
Elizabeth Grady, Director of Human Resources, Urology San Antonio






Session 1

March 17, 2021  

Using Six Sigma and Lean Tools to Promote Continuous Process Improvement

Facilitator:  Whitt Holder, CEO, Amarillo Urology Associates

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Session 2

April 14, 2021  

The Nuts and Bolts of Pills:  In-Office and Pharmacy Development in the Urology Practice


Terry FitzPatrick, CEO, Oregon Urology Institute

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Session 3

May 26, 2021  

Third Party Contracts: Demonstrating Value and Using Leverage

Facilitator: Jerri Wilson, CEO, Urology Clinics of North Texas

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 Alan Winkler, Executive Director, Urology San Antonio

Session 4

June 23, 2021  

Cost Containment: Negotiation Strategies and Tactics


E. Scot Davis, CEO Arkansas Urology
Mike Shannon, CEO, First Urology, PSC
Twila Puritty, CEO, Wichita Urology
Hector Santana, CFO, Rio Grande Urology

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