Stark Law Reform

Over the last several years, there have been attempts to curb the ability of independent physician practices to offer clinically appropriate ancillary services to their patients. These attempts have focused on curbing or eliminating the In-Office Ancillary Services Exception (IOASE), which permits physicians who are members of a group practice to refer a patient for designated health services (DHS) without violating the Stark Law.


In the more than 25 years since its passage, the law has become one of the most significant sources of regulatory burden on physicians and, ultimately, for Medicare beneficiaries. These restrictions make it more difficult for independent physician practices to coordinate care, creating a competitive advantage for large hospital systems.

Given that the system is rapidly transitioning away from fee-for-service payment, the law is outdated.


Modernization of the Stark Law would empower physician practices to engage in value-based care, allowing them to take on risks and improve clinical outcomes through Alternative Payment Models (APMs). LUGPA supports enactment of legislation that would permit independent practices to test and participate in APMs without the current prohibitions.

In addition, LUGPA will continue to defend the In-Office Ancillary Service Exemption, which allows the integrated delivery of care by physician practices under the fee-for service system, including for radiation therapy, labs and advanced imaging by physician practices.


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