Stay Connected Web Series: Business as UnUsual


LUGPA, the go to resource for relevant, timely practice management information and education, presents the Stay Connected Web Series: Business as UnUsual.   

Structured around a five-part virtual series of interactive web-based work sessions, the Business as UnUsual format will keep administrators and key physicians engaged as they lead their groups through an uncharted and rapidly evolving business climate. At a time when it is impractical for professionals to meet face-to-face, this series will provide an open dialog to share best practices and innovative solutions around not just reopening our practices but reshaping them to thrive moving forward. Whether it is retooling an existing service line or launching a new urologic service, this how to format will build lasting professional relationships between LUGPA group practices.  

Timing: Wednesdays at Noon CT  [60 minutes]

Dates: June 24, July 15, August 12, September 9 and October 7

Topics to be Discussed:

  • How do you promote a healthy practice culture as employees and patients return?
  • What are the most effective methods of communicating with your employees?
  • How do you manage risk and proactively plan for employee engagement in the new environment?  
  • What is the right blend of traditional office visits and telemedicine?
  • What are the benefits and challenges in allowing some employees to work remotely?  Will that option remain in place long-term? 
  • Should we reconsider how we use work teams such as scribes, APPs, etc.?

Sessions 4 and 5 will focus on Breaking Barriers: The Post-COVID Reconstruction


October 7, Episode 5 - Facing the New Work Environment

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    • Is remote work now an expectation?
      • Cost savings opportunities
      • Tracking productivity
    • Preventing Old Habits from Returning
      • Avoiding 9-5 Back to Back Meetings
      • Importance of paying attention to the small stuff
    • Accepting that your work as a crisis leader is not done yet
      • Strategically rethinking reporting structures
      • The importance of metrics that are meaningful, not just reported and tracked
      • Identifying gaps and assertively dealing with the details you’ve been avoiding
    • Recalibrating the Team
      • What incentives actually change behavior?
      • What pay and bonus programs need to be permanently shelved?
      • How do we create an environment of support with intense accountability? 
    • Resetting the Emotional Operating System
      • Leadership assessment of strong ties and weak links
      • Maintaining the urgency without the crisis


Date & Time: October 7, 2020 at Noon CT [60 minutes]

Registration information: After you register, you will receive an email containing the Zoom link.   


  • Watch episode one "Restore or Rework: Crisis or Opportunity?" here. [member login required]. 
  • Watch episode two, "Creating the New Workplace: Leveraging the Power of Human Resources" here.  [member login required]. 
  • Watch episode three, "Is Your Marketing a Maze or Amazing?" here [member login required] 
  • Watch episode four, "Facing the New Financial Reality" here [member login required]


Topic suggestions and questions should be sent to: Rachel Rusch, [email protected]

Providing LUGPA Practice Administrators an opportunity to share insights about how to adapt LUGPA practices to the realities of social distancing, telehealth, surgery prioritization and governmental mandates positions LUGPA to be the go to resource for relevant, timely practice management information and education.