LUGPA Acknowledges Contributors to Successful 2023 Fly-Ins

In 2023, LUGPA's Political Affairs Committee organized three visits to Washington, DC, alongside other LUGPA members, to advance the 2022 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda. These fly-ins targeted specific policy changes, including:

  1. Advocating for Medicare payment preservation amidst an impending 3.3% fee schedule cut for physicians in 2024, emphasizing reforms in MACRA and fair funding for independent healthcare providers.
  2. Focusing on expanding regulations to permit in-office dispensing of cancer drugs directly to patients.
  3. Stressing the importance of maintaining physician reimbursement at ASP+6% despite potential new drug price controls.
  4. Calling for reforms to enhance the effectiveness of the 340B Program, such as transparency requirements, monitoring drug resale, quantifying provider profits, and strengthening eligibility criteria.
  5. Promoting site neutrality for Medicare payments to create a level playing field for independent providers.

During these fly-ins, LUPGA representatives held meetings with lawmakers and staff in over 30 Congressional offices. They also engaged with health aides and staff members from the House Ways and Means and, Energy and Commerce Committees, and the Senate Finance Committee.

LUGPA extends its gratitude to the groups that contributed to the success of the 2023 Fly-Ins:

  • Premier Medical Group of the Hudson Valley
  • Urological Associates of Western Colorado
  • MidLantic Urology LLC
  • Southeast Urology Network
  • Urology Virginia
  • Urological Surgeons of Northern California, Inc
  • Urologic Specialists of Oklahoma
  • Comprehensive Urology
  • Integrated Medical Professionals
  • Associated Urological Specialists, LLC
  • Minnesota Urology
  • Kansas City Urology Care, PA
  • Urology Specialist Group
  • Advanced Urology Institute, LLC
  • Amarillo Urology Associates
  • Houston Metro Urology
  • Wichita Urology Group
  • Golden Gate Urology, Inc 
  • Idaho Urologic Institute, PA
  • NEO Urology Associates, Inc
  • Associated Urologists, PA
  • Advanced Urology Institute, LLC
  • Genesis Healthcare Partners
  • Urology Associates of the Central Coast
  • The Urology Center of Colorado
  • Anne Arundel Urology, PA
  • Comprehensive Urology
  • Urology of St. Louis, Inc 
  • Urology Nevada, LLC
  • Greater Boston Urology
  • Rio Grande Urology
  • First Urology, PSC
  • Urology San Antonio
  • Urology of Indiana 
  • Urologic Specialists of Northwest Indiana, LLC