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March 2022

Kari Bailey, MD Talks About Telehealth 

      Dr. Bailey

In this video interview, Dr. Kari Bailey of Anne Arundel Urology in Annapolis, MD, talks about her experiences with telehealth and discusses the advantages and the challenges she has witnessed

Dr. Bailey earned her undergraduate degree and medical school degree at the University of Maryland. She completed her general surgery internship and urologic residency at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts. In her free time Dr. Bailey enjoys spending time with her family, including her two young children.

Watch LUGPA's full interview with Dr. Bailey here.  


Physician Burnout increases with Government 
Over-Regulating Bottom Line


Dr. Jensen 

J. Andrew Jensen, MD  

Physicians are beholden to patient satisfaction scores and hospital administration benchmarks rather than their patients.

In the urologist population, physician burnout is the highest of any specialty. There are a few personal factors that contribute to burnout like perfectionism and work-life imbalance. However, heightening the burden as the number of urologists declines in the United States is increased government regulations and decreasing reimbursements. The corporatization of medicine has only sped up this transformation of healthcare.  



Apply Now for the Resident Clinical Innovation Award 


      Dr. David T. Miller (left) was presented with
the 2021 Resident Award 
at the 2021
LUGPA Annual Meeting.

The Resident Clinical Innovation Award recognizes and celebrates urology residents' innovative clinical work that promotes - and has the potential to enhance -  quality clinical outcomes.

The recipient(s) will be recognized at the LUGPA Annual Meeting in Chicago in early November with a plaque and cash award of $1000. Travel expenses will be supported by LUGPA. 

Submission deadline is July 31, 2022. For details, visit the LUGPA website.   


LUGPA Media Monitor provides a curated view of relevant news from recent headlines. 

About 100 medical societies ask Congress to be involved in Congressional efforts to reform Medicare

Nearly 100 professional healthcare societies signed onto a letter dated Feb. 25 requestion Congress include them as legislators work on reforms to the Medicare physician payment system. The societies said they appreciated Congress’ actions over the past several years to mitigate scheduled cuts to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS). But, the letter states, systemic issues such as the negative impact of the Medicare physician fee schedule’s budget neutrality requirements and the lack of annual inflationary updates to payments continue to generate significant instability for clinicians moving forward. Medical societies asking Congress to be involved in Medicare reform include the Large Urology Group Practice Association.

Virginia hospitals can do better on price transparency

A study released in February by the nonpartisan, nonprofit shows facilities across the commonwealth of Virginia are failing to follow the new price transparency directive. also found consumers faced barriers to determining costs — notably requests to submit personal or plan information, which are not part of the federal price transparency rule. Hospitals were deemed noncompliant for reasons including blanks or zeros in key fields, a lack of descriptions for items and services, or the absence of both negotiated rates with insurers or discounted cash prices for patients going that route.

Patients Are Coming After Hospital Monopolies

A group of citizens in Connecticut is suing Hartford HealthCare, alleging the large hospital system has amassed monopoly power "to extract higher prices from insurers, employers, and patients." This is another class-action lawsuit arguing hospital consolidation has crushed everyone's bank accounts and has led to the rise of anti-competitive contracts that force insurers and employers to accept take-it-or-leave-it terms.


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